12-1 Gratitude



I was puzzled by the appearance of the woman walking in front of me at the sports arena this morning.  It looked like the bottom part of her pants were covered in grass clippings.  The rest of her pants looked clean.  The man with her that I assumed to be her husband also looked clean.  How could this be?  It looked like she had been out mowing a lawn before coming here to walk.  We have snow on the ground!  Where or how could she be mowing grass?

Apparently, it is some secret of artificial turf.  A man was using a machine to groom the turf.  I need to do some Googling to find out how you care for artificial turf.  As you can see from the photo, I also had grass clippings all over my shoes.

I am grateful I found this arena where I can walk.  It gave purpose to my morning to feel like I did something good for me.

I have been having trouble sleeping since my job elimination.  I woke at 4:30 this morning, which is not uncommon in the past couple of weeks.  After getting up, I finished reading The Christmas Note by Donna VanLiere.  I purchased The Christmas Secret as a Kindle Daily Deal.  I enjoyed it so much that I have gone back to to read The Christmas Promise and then The Christmas NoteThe Christmas Light is next on my list.  The Christmas Note is a sweet little book.  Gretchen is moving her 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter into a new town-home.  Her husband is serving in the military in Afghanistan.  Gretchen believes her neighbor Melissa to be unfriendly.  An impatient man shows up at Gretchen’s door.  Gretchen pieces together that Melissa’s mom has died and the man is providing notification if Melissa wants to clean out her mom’s apartment.  Even though Gretchen would prefer to steer clear of Melissa, she feels that telling her is the right thing to do.  Gretchen even offers to help.  Melissa’s mom’s apartment contains mostly trash but Gretchen does find a note thus the title, The Christmas Note.  The book had me crying, wanting to believe that kindness matters and good things can happen.  I love Gloria and Miriam from the other books so I was glad that they are present in this one.  Gloria is a guardian angel in this small town and known as Miss Glory.  Miriam is her best friend although they are very different.  Miriam is Gretchen’s mom.

The rest of my day was very hectic and has me hoping good things are possible for me.

May you be blessed.


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